Oceanic Team Academy

The aim of this innovating project is not only to consolidate a great succés in the oceànic races but also to give the young  resourceless people the opportunity  of participating in the high sailing competition from the bottom.


Mini Class 6.5 (6.50 meters long, Transoceanic)Mini-Air-141 - copia

We will create an oceànic academy where we will begin a selecting process to train future elit esport people and then we will provide them with all the material and necessary conditions to be iniciated in this activity.Consequently they wil acquire the greatest experience in this kind of navigation.

The great challenge for Oceanic Team Academy and its sponsors will prove how the promising young people  start their sportif projection in the oceanic Racing with all the necessary skills to show the world that the human values are closely related  to this extreme sport.


Class 40 (12 mts. In length, Transoceanic and around the world with stops)

class-40-7967_max - copia

The projec t for this training will rely on the most expert professionals of navigation.We will also supply a fleet of different boats(ship..): the class iran del mini  6.5(6,5 m. long.), the class 40 (12m.long) and finally the quickest ones,IMOCA(18m.long).


IMOCA Open 60 Class (18.28 meters long, transoceanic and around the world nonstop)

BANQUE POP_VG_102 - copia