From 600 for the reservation of an area of 10 x 15cm, take advantage of a big media return !



What gets my company to change?


  • 1 logo on the hull (10x15cm)
  • 1 Logo on the transport vehicle (5x10cm)
  • Logo with link redirect Web Team.
  • Invitation to a person opening party of the project.
  • Invitation to sail with our Formula 1 of the sea
  • Team Polo brand Helly Hanse
  • Photo boat color in DIN A-3, thanking your help
  • 1 Ad on one of the largest circulation newspapers in the province, thanking the collaboration of all sponsors.
  • 1 Voting design decisions, events, etc consult the project via On line.
  • 1 Inserting your best products or services on our store “On line”.
  • 1 Unlocking a space helmet and Web for solidarity crew members can donate to social work Hospital Sant Joan de Deu foundation.
  • 1 25% discount on the RRP in all media and Hospitality actions you want to achieve with the ship.
  • We will place the boat ashore for 15 days, in one of the busiest areas of Barcelona.
  • 1 The notoriety of sponsoring a team of offshore sailing, with a massive global media coverage.



How many spaces I hire for my brand?


In this project you have the possibility to hire as many spaces as you need, everything will go according to the investment that your company wants to do.

The visual impact and associated media will return directly linked to the contracted space.



Reserve 1-9 spaces 10 x 15cm.

Official Sponsor:

Reserve 10-99 spaces 10 x 15cm.

Provide the same return rented space that Sponsor and:

1 logo on the carousel homepage

1 Exclusive output for the sponsor to our Formula 1, only with 10 guests

Main Official Sponsor:

Reserve over 100 spaces 10 x 15cm.

Provide the same return rented space that Sponsor and the Official Sponsor and:

1 fixed logo on the homepage of the website.

1 logo in the mainsail the same size as the boat hull.

1 screenprint your brand logo on the clothing of the whole team.

1 screenprint your brand logo at the poles of the guests on the outs with the ship



cuadriculas V3-ModeEl



How I can booking of space?


If you want to help invest in our project do not have to make the payment now, follow these simple steps:


1º- Complete the form and send it.

2º- will send you an e-mail with a non-binding letter of intent to reserve space and its annual maintenance, where the approximate location of it appear in the hull (to lock and depending on the availability of data) and you send us signed.

3º-‘ll send you a code book as Sponsor Official Sponsor Official Sponsor or a proforma invoice with VAT amount contracted, an account number to make the payment or transfer of reserved space and a document for the bank acceptance rotation of the contracted monthly bills to keep your brand in your space (IMPORTANT !! economic contribution can only be performed when emailed to achieve the mission accomplished, with the sum of the acceptance of all the sponsors).

Benefit from a free month (5% discount.) Paying the amount of the annual maintenance reserve !!





Achievement of 25% of the annual budget (500 spaces reserved).

Ship Acquisition and maintenance costs.



Achievement of 50% of the annual budget (1000 placeholders).

Team formation and establishment of the base.



Achievement of 75% of the annual budget (1500 placeholders).

Preparation and conditioning of the boat for racing.



Achievement of 100% of the annual budget (2000 placeholders).

Formalization of training projects, social scientists.




Thanks for your cooperation in this project, your contribution will be the dream of many athletes and hope our Brave LittleHospital Sant Joan de Deu.


* Sponsors may hire as many spaces as needed, with the possibility of uniting with each other, both horizontally and vertically. (10x15cm or 15x10cm), so adjusting the dimensions of the logo to the required space, the amount thereof shall be equal to the number of spaces for both your booking as for monthly maintenance with a minimum of one year and the number of returns is multiplied by spaces hired

Sponsor Form

Representante legal de la empresa


* Nombre

* Apellidos




Datos fiscales de la empresa


* Nombre compañía

* Marca


* Calle

* Número

* Planta

* Piso

* Localidad

* Provincia

* Código Postal

* País

* Teléfono

* Fax

* Email

* Web

Sube tu logotipo
(archivo JPG del logotipo de la empresa o marca que aparecerá en el barco, vehículo y web del proyecto)

* Número de espacios